Leveraging Technology to Ensure Safety.

Built In To Our Process.  Not Bolted On.


The risks your business faces are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We recognize that technology moves rapidly and we stay on top of trends to protect you. Whether it’s new devices, automation, custom software or drone technology, we believe in an ‘all of the above’ approach to constantly evolve our services and thwart the most current threat environment.

New technologies that focus on cyber security, with artificial intelligence, facial recognition software, touchless access systems, temperature-sensing cameras, and security robots are all good examples of tools that can help security professionals stay ahead of risks. Drones can be used for arial and ground surveillance to look at perimeters and conduct constant surveillance over large areas. Drones can also be sent out as a response mechanism before personnel can respond and conduct an initial site assessment, so people know what they’re getting into before they get there.

The security industry replaced pen and paper guard tours years ago. We now rely on mobile devices and software that provides real-time tracking and incident reporting. Security officers can now capture incidents, send pictures and reports, and communicate wirelessly on-the-fly during checkpoint tours. The data from guard tours can then be used to analyze trends, improve service, and ensure the safety of your environment.

A balanced combination of physical security, well-trained security guards, and technology is key to ensuring the safety of both you and what’s valuable to you.



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