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At City Safe Partners Security, we are the vanguard of elite protective solutions. By providing forward thinking oversight, we will effectively help you prepare for a safe operation so you can focus on growing your business.

Healthy and Safe

At City Safe Partners we provide professional protection specialists to handle a variety of security needs and deliver top-quality services. Because safety is our business, we are proud to offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in addressing COVID-19.

City Safe Partners has vast experience in personal protection. Our expertise is proven, and we are uniquely positioned to build upon this tradition of excellence with a range of PPE products and services, including wearable gear, systems education, protocol training, and usage rate optimization.

In our ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that knowledge is power. It is imperative to understand and monitor workplace health standards so that all citizens are protected with mandatory supplies and informed of proper PPE applications. Company operations, including school activities, can continue functioning efficiently and with confidence when best practice safety standards are met.

We are your partners in optimizing PPE safety tools and health guidelines.

Peace of mind is possible when critical details are measured to exact specifications. When we have done our absolute best for clients and coworkers, students and administrators, families and friends, and indeed for ourselves, it’s easy to rest assured. During this global health crisis, City Safe Partners is your choice for comprehensive PPE resources.

Supplies and Equipment

Verify the health of customers and staff with readings from our contactless, accurate, and easy-to-use infrared temperature scanners. For cleaning and working in high-touch settings, our gloves are must-haves for safety. We offer face masks, shields, and eye goggles for optimum protection. Choose from our line of quality products that meet industry standards.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Maintain a hygienic environment to safeguard against hazards. Staying healthy requires vigilance, and shared surfaces such as tabletops, doorknobs, and handrails require constant attention. Our select brands of hand sanitizers, detergents, and disinfectants are highly effective in preventing contamination and should be part of every organization’s health and safety plan.

Consulting and Training

Prepare to reopen schools with the right information. City Safe Partners plays a key role in guiding students, teachers, and administrators safely back to the classroom.  A leader in personal security, we provide expert solutions for critical protection mandates.  Our services include PPE usage instruction, cost evaluation, and organizational assessment.


If you’re looking for help, guidance, or PPE, reach out and speak with a Specialist.

Let CitySafe Partners evaluate your safety and security needs.